A world where culturally competent therapy for Muslims is the standard, not the exception.
Let’s break down the barriers together.

Safa Institute

Our Mission:

Improve the pipeline to quality mental health service for maturing Muslims

Many barriers exist for young Muslims in America when attempting to access mental health providers, let alone access culturally competent mental health providers who understand Muslim-specific issues. We are dedicated to increasing access to therapy for young Muslims by breaking down any existing barriers and streamlining the process to quality therapists. Our goal is to create a network of culturally competent therapists who understand Muslim issues. We also aim to help fund and connect young Muslims with therapy that is catered to them.

How Will We Get There . . .

Research – What do Muslims Need?


We are conducting research on young Muslims to better explore risk factors and protective factors that impact their mental health outcomes, as well as barriers to mental health services.



We are creating a network of therapists who can better suit the needs of the Muslim community by using several metrics created by local Muslim therapists.

Creating a Network

Developing a Cultural Competency Training

To form a network of culturally competent therapists, we are working with local Austin Muslim therapists to develop a cultural competency training. Local therapists can register for this training to be better equipped in treating the Muslim population. 

Registration to CEU event training now available!

Event: Saturday 03/13/2021 11am-1pm via Zoom

Register here



For Muslims who can’t afford or can’t access therapy for whatever reason, we fund their consultations and therapy sessions.

Funding Therapy


Need additional assistance?

Please contact us via email: info@safainsitute.org 

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