Although the Muslim mental health field is growing, there is still a long way to go until we fully grasp the needs of our community.

Here are the gaps we hope to fill:

  • Lack of quality data that explore current needs and experiences of young Muslims
  • Lack of stable funding for Muslim and minority population health services due to lack of data
  • Lack of cultural competency for therapists treating Muslim populations

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How are we addressing these issues with our Research?


Conduct a needs assessment to explore:

  • Community belonging
  • Risk behaviors
  • Mental health outcomes
  • Barriers to seeking professional mental health services


Use the published research to:

  • Disseminate research back to the community
  • Use the data to apply for grants to create more access to therapy
  • Equip therapists with better, nuanced knowledge of young Muslims’ experiences


Implement safe, confidential group therapy for Muslims